Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available colors?

Our products are manufactured in two colors: white and tan.


Is it safe and durable for everyday use?

Our products are safe enough for even the youngest members of your family, because they have smooth surfaces with no nails, sharp edges or splinters. Not only do our fences hold up to regular property maintenance, but they are also made to bounce back on impact because they’re reinforced with aluminum inserts. It is wise, however, to be careful when using mowers, weeders or clippers along your fence line.


Is it strong?

Our vinyl has five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood. We improve that performance and make our systems even sturdier by adding cross braces in gates, reinforced ribs in rails, a sturdy self-notching rail system and maintenance-free metal inserts.


Will it break in cold/hot weather?

As with most plastics, vinyl becomes less flexible in colder weather conditions. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not break. It is normal for materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. Our product has been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings and changing climatic conditions.


How do I clean it?
Use of a non-abrasive liquid cleaning agent is normally sufficient. More stubborn stains can be removed with Simple Green.


Will it turn yellow?

No. Yellowing in vinyl products is due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Our products contain an industry leading 10 parts per 100 of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is an extremely effective UV inhibitor. This amount of TiO2 is more than enough to prevent breakdown from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


 Can I paint it?

Our products are designed to look like they’re always freshly painted, so the only reason to paint them would be to change color. Epoxy-based paint is the only paint that will adhere properly to a vinyl surface, but it also damages the surface and therefore voids our lifetime warranty, so we don’t recommend it.


Will it burn?

Our vinyl has a high flash point of 900° F, so it doesn’t ignite easily. If fire is held to it, it will burn. But as soon as the flame is removed, the vinyl will self-extinguish.


Is it safe for horses?

Yes, our vinyl’s smooth surface discourages horses from leaning and rubbing against the fence to scratch themselves. Vinyl retains virtually no moisture and has no taste, therefore, horses tend not to “crib” or chew on a vinyl fence.


Is Vinyl more expensive than Wood?

Initially, our products cost more than wood. But you’ll never need to invest any more time or money into them because they come with our lifetime warranty. Wood on the other hand, will need to be maintained for the rest of its life span, whether painting, staining, repairing or replacing. And with wood’s cost increasing while its quality decreases, vinyl products have never been a more attractive purchase. The cost difference is quickly eliminated once the substantial cost of continuous maintenance of a wood or metal fence is considered.


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